IT Security Solutions

Build a robust IT partnership with Certena and ensure the security of your business systems.

IT Security is too important to ignore. It is one of the greatest challenges to face modern businesses and a most dynamic, extremely interesting area of IT. Certena’s security specialists are trained in a variety of systems and have experience in many different business environments. Beginning with a thorough audit of your system, we review and make our recommendations with a full report. From there we design a simple, reliable and secure IT system that we build, install and maintain. Securing information flow is our motto.

Some security services Certena offers are:

IT security audit: A comprehensive audit of your company’s security systems, including a thorough review of your policies on internet and email usage, in line with current best practice and standards. If necessary, we rewrite your policy and redesign your system to reflect your security needs.

Perimeter security: A critical point of protection, we design and implement a firewall employing CheckPoint, Cisco and Linux products.

Intrusion detection: Specialists in the implementation of network-based intrusion-detection systems based on SNORT and CheckPoint, Certena employs methods to log network activity from routers, switches and firewalls that are read and interpreted by intrusion detection tools.

Desktop security: Certena provides centrally managed anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam solutions.

Hard disk encryption: An area where Certena excel, we make use of Utimaco and TrueCrypt disk encryption software.

External penetration testing: To test your IT security, we carry out a pre-agreed penetration testing service, providing you with a full report and recommendations.